Sharpening Systems For Kitchen Knives | Tsprof K03 Pro Hunter K3P220020 Sharpening System Silver

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The Tsprof K03 Pro Hunter Sharpening System Is A Professional And Exceptionally Advanced Sharpening System. It Doesn'T Get Any More Accur…

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The Tsprof K03 Pro Hunter Sharpening System Is A Professional And Exceptionally Advanced Sharpening System. It Doesn'T Get Any More Accurate Than This. The System Is Robust, Accurate And Relatively Easy To Set Up. This New Version Comes With The Axicube-I Which Is Directly Built Into The Sharpening Stone Holder. The, According To Tsprof, First Electronic Angle Meter, Which Was Specifically Designed For Sharpening Systems. Setting The Angle With An Accuracy Of 0,1° Has Never Been This Easy Or Practical!K03 Pro: What Is New? In Addition To The Digital Angle Meter, Some Other Aspects Were Improved. Thanks To The Elongated Sharpening Stone Guide You Now End Up With A Minimum Sharpening Angle Of 7° And A Maximum Sharpening Angle Of 39°. Per Side! Securing The Position Is Now Even More Practical: The Mounting Screw Can Be Installed On Both Sides Of The System. The Part That Moves Up While Adjusting The Angle Is Made From Very Sustainable Polyacetal. A Rock-Solid And Top-Quality Polymer With A Density Of 1.420 G/Mc3. Now You Might Wonder: Plastic, Really? But Tsprof Added It With Good Reason. Polyacetal Has Excellent Anti-Friction Properties And Makes Adjusting The Sharpening Angle A Lot Smoother Than With The Previous Models Of The K03. The Rail That Comes Into Contact With The Gear, However, Is Made From Steel. The Scale To Measure The Angle Was Added To The Front Of The Sledge And Enables You To Visually Check The Settings. The Unique Rotating Mechanism Is Enhanced With A Broad Lever That Makes Turning Easier And Provides You With A Reliable Automatic Lock Of The Clamp Frame. Thanks To A Spring And Bearing System The Frame Tilts Without Wearing Out The Mechanism. The Casing Of The Automatically Rotating System Is Made From Sustainable Aircraft-Grade Aluminium With A Black Anodized Finish.This Set Contains:The K03 Pro Sharpening System (Including Axicube-I Angle Meter)
Tsprof Whole Milled Clamps
Five Tsprof Diamond-Coated Sharpening Stones
Steel Base (3.3 Kg)
All Necessary Screws, Bolts, Felts, Plates And Spare Parts Assembling The Sharpening System Assembling The Sharpening System Will Be A Bit Of A Puzzle The First Time. It Is, However, Not Complicated. This Manual Tells You Step By Step How To Assemble The System. And Once You Know How, Setting It Up And Taking Apart The System Will Only Take A Couple Of Minutes. Here You Will Find A Pdf Manual Of The K03 Pro Sharpening System Determining The Sharpening Angle You Can Set The Sharpening Angle Between 7 And 39 Degrees (For A Total Sharpening Angle From 14 To 78 Degrees). This Also Means That All Intermediate Values Are Possible. You Don'T Have To Determine The Angle In Steps. Tsprof States That You Can Set The Angle With A Precision Of 0.1 Mm. By Turning The Rotatable Knobs You Adjust The Sharpening Angle. You Learn More About The Sharpening Angle From The Digital Angle Meter Or The Engraving On The So-Called Rack And Pinion. The Unit That Moves Up As You Determine The Sharpening Angle.Not Sure Which Sharpening Angle Your Knife Is Enhanced With? Use A Marker To Colour The Edge. Then Go Over The Edge Once Or Twice With The Finest Sharpening Stone. If The Angle Is Right, You'Ll Sharpen Away The Parts That You Marked. If Some Of The Coloured Part Remains, Then You Know That The Sharpening Stone Didn'T Touch That Part Of The Edge. You Can Then Adjust The Sharpening Angle Based On This Information. Read More About Sharpening Angles Here And Watch A Video About The Felt-Tip Pen Trick. Includes Five Diamond-Coated Sharpening Stones This Comprehensive Sharpening System Comes With Five Different Sharpening Stones. The Grit Sizes Are 150, 220, 400, 600 And 1000. This Means You Can Sharpen Your Blunt Knives In Five Stages. Tsprof Uses The Fepa F Indication For The Grit Size Of The Sharpening Stones. This Doesn'T Correspond To The Better-Known Japanese Grit Sizes. The Tsprof Sharpening Stones May Appear To Be Coarse But Are Finer Than You Might Think. Here's A Clear Comparison:Tsprof (Fepa F) Versus Japanese Sharpening Stones (Jis)F150 Corresponds To J150
F220 Corresponds To J240
F400 Corresponds To J700
F600 Corresponds To J1200
F1000 Corresponds To J2800 Pro Tip: The Edge Pro Sharpening Stones Also Work With This Sharpening System!Adjustable Clamp Sharpened The First Side Of Your Knife? If So, You Don'T Have To Remove The Knife From The Clamp, You Only Have To Turn The Arm. If You'Ve Turned It Exactly 180 Degrees A Magnet Will Once Again Secure The Arm. When Tsprof Developed The K03, Their Aim Was To Develop A Sharpening System Where Turning The Knife Would Be Effortless. This Advanced Rotating Mechanism Also Means That You Always Use The Same Sharpening Angle On Both Sides.Hanging Option This New Model Also Allows You To Place The Arm, Which Is Attached To The Sharpening Stone, On The System Itself. Never Worry About The Putting The Arm Down Again!


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