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This De Buyer Mineral B Element Country Pan 32 Cm Is A Special Pan At A Very Reasonable Price. It Is Made Of Carbon Stee…

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This De Buyer Mineral B Element Country Pan 32 Cm Is A Special Pan At A Very Reasonable Price. It Is Made Of Carbon Steel. This Type Of Steel Is Not Stainless. That Might Seem Like A Drawback, But Can Work As An Advantage Through Careful Use. The Pan Is Solid And Heavy. It Has No Non-Stick Coating, But One Will Form Automatically As You Use The Pan. Because The Pan Has No Non-Stick Coating, It Can Withstand Very High Temperatures. Also, You Can Use Steel Cookware Without Worrying About Damaging The Non-Stick Coating. The Two Stainless Steel Handles Provide Good Support. These Mineral B Element Pans Have A Thin Layer Of Beeswax On The Cooking Surface Upon Delivery. This Significantly Reduces The Chance Of Corrosion Upon Delivery. It Also Helps To Flavour The Seasoning Of The Pan, And Makes The Pan Slightly More Non-Stick Than The Regular Acier Carbone Series, Right From The Start. It Is Suitable For All Heat Sources, Including Induction And Oven Use. Do Keep In Mind That The Handle Of This Pan Gets Hot! Only Wash This Pan With Hot Water And A Brush. Soap Is Out Of The Question, And A Dishwasher Will Do Irreparable Damage To The Pan. These Pans Require Special Treatment, But When Used Correctly, They Are A Pleasure To Work With. Seasoning A De Buyer Pan
Before Use, This Pan Needs To Be Seasoned. Check Out The Product Video To Learn More. Start By Washing The Pan Under The Tap. Use Very Hot Water And A Brush To Remove Any Residue From The Factory. Do Not Use Any Soap! After Washing, Use Some Kitchen Paper Towels To Dry The Pan.
Pour About A Millimetre Of (Sunflower) Oil Into The Pan. Don'T Use Olive Oil, As It Can'T Handle High Temperatures. Put The Pan On A High Heat And Let The Oil Burn In. Pour The Oil Out Of The Pan And Dry It Again With Some Kitchen Towel. The Pan Will Now Be Slightly Darker On The Inside, Which Is Referred To As A Patina. You Have To Nurture This Patina. It Ensures That The Pan Becomes Increasingly Resistant To Sticking And Corrosion. The Darker/ Blacker The Pan, The Better Seasoned It Is.
It Is Recommended That You Only Fry (Red) Meat Or Other Large/Coarse Foods Until The Patina Is Well-Formed. After Frying About Ten Times, The Patina Will Be Sufficient For Frying More Delicate Products Such As Eggs.
Lighter Spots May Occur In The Patina When You Cook Acidic Products In The Pan, Such As Lemon, Tomatoes And White Wine. After This, It Is Important To Season The Pan Again With Some More Oil. Cleaning A Carbon Steel Pan
After Use, Clean The Pan With Hot Water To Remove Food Residues. Then Immediately Dry The Pan With Kitchen Towel To Prevent Rust. If There Are Still Food Residues Remaining, They Can Be Removed With A Sponge. Don'T Soak The Pan As This Can Form Corrosion.Periodically Put A Layer Of Coarse Salt In The Pan And Heat It For Around Ninety Seconds. The Salt Will Fry Odours And Suchlike Off The Patina. Then Rinse The Pan, Dry It With Kitchen Towel And Lightly Coat It With Some Oil Before Storing It. History Of De Buyer
The French Company De Buyer Has Been Producing Top-Quality Cookware Since 1830. All Its Products Are Still Produced In France. Original European Quality.
These De Buyer Mineral B Element Pans Are A Little Like Diamonds In The Rough. There May Be Scratches Due To Production And Transport, But This Won'T Be An Issue After Seasoning. Pans With No Pfas, Pfoa Or Ptfe
The Abbreviation Pfas Stands For Per- And Polyfluoroalkyl Substances. These Are Man-Made Substances That Do Not Naturally Occur In The Environment. Some Examples Of Pfas Are Genx, Pfoa (Perfluorooctanoic Acid) And Pfos (Perfluorooctanesulfonic Acids). Pfas Is An Umbrella Term For All These Substances, Which Are Used In Many Products, Including Frying Pans, Grill Pans And Wok Pans. Pfas Have Useful Properties: Among Other Things, They Are Repellent To Water, Grease And Dirt. However, We Now Know That Pfas Are Harmful To Health.
Teflon Is The Commercial Name For Various Plastic Fluoropolymers, Such As Ptfe (Polytetrafluoroethylene). Pfas Is Used To Make These Plastic Fluoropolymers. Teflon Provides The Product With A Water-Repellent And Dirt-Repellent Layer And It Is Also Heat-Resistant. Ptfe Also Allows Two Surfaces To Slide Over Each Other Easily. That Is Why Ptfe Is Found In Pans With A Non-Stick Coating. In Other Words: They'Re All The Same Thing. This Pan Is Free From Pfas, Pfoa And Ptfe. You Can Use This Pan To Cook With Complete Peace Of Mind.


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