Cutlery | Wmf Vision 1271916330, 30-Piece Cutlery Set Silver

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The Wmf Vision 1271916330 Is A Cutlery Set That Has Everyting You Need For Fine Dining. The Cutlery Has A Timeless…

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The Wmf Vision 1271916330 Is A Cutlery Set That Has Everyting You Need For Fine Dining. The Cutlery Has A Timeless Look. The Wide, Round Handles Feel Great In Hand. The Knives Are Forged From One Piece Of Stainless Steel. It Also Ensures That The Knives Lie Perfectly In Hand And Do Not Slide Off The Plate When You Put The Cutlery Down. This 30-Piece Wmf Cutlery Set Is Comprised Of The Following Parts:6 Dinner Knives
6 Dinner Forks
6 Dinner Spoons
6 Pastry Forks
6 Teaspoons Wmf Cromargan® For This Cutlery Wmf Used Their Famous Cromargan®. This Is The Registered Trademark Of Wmf's 18/10 Stainless Steel, Since 1927. A Type Of Steel That, In Addition To Kitchen Knives, Is Also Used For This Fine Cutlery Set. The Name Cromargan® Is A Compound Of The Terms Crom And Argan. Crom, Because The Steel Has A Particularly High Chromium Content, And Argan Because Of Its Silvery Shine. The Advantages Of This Material Are: It Is Stainless, Scratch-Resistant, Dishwasher-Safe And Highly Resistant To Acid Discolouration. The Blades Of The Kitchen Knives Have Been Made From Special Ice-Hardened Friodur Steel. This Not Only Improves The Cutting Properties Of The Knife, It Also Improves The Sharpness Retention. Wmf: Since 1853 The History Of Wmf, Or Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik, Dates Back To 1853. Wmf Is The Leading Brand For Household Products. They Offer A Large Assortment Of Products That Allow You To Make Every Moment In Your Kitchen Special. From Food Preparation And Cooking To The Actual Dining. The Wmf Products Are All Very Stylish. Form Follows Function. In Other Words: No Unnecessary Fuss. Functional, High-Quality, Affordable Yet Stylish. What More Could A Cooking Enthusiast Ask For?


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