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Requiem for a Good Man

Dedicated to Alan Stephens


Duration: 6 minutes


I wrote this poem shortly after my father Alan Stephens was placed in a care facility for dementia. This piece is dedicated to his memory. This piece is structured in arc form, abcba, where I decided to move between a wide array of tonal centers, evoking a sense of motion and forward movement. I decided to write for choir for several reasons; first, practically the voice is the best way to project the text, second, I wanted to utilize the human voice to create an angelic and serene atmosphere. I created the “fake latin” words because of the different vowel placements they added, as well as the sense of ambiguity they entice. This piece is my outlet of expression for this loss, and more importantly, to celebrate his life and the impact it had on my own.


Acsentimus, Üfendimus, Oculento, Where have you gone? A distant land, I cannot see? Blinded by light, colorful indeed. Where have you gone? Nothing but obscurity. I'll carry on. Goodbye, you are free.