Into that World Inverted

Written for MA Thesis

Duration: 12 minutes

Bb clar, alto sax, hn, (1) perc, vln, vc

PDF File Score Sample-1.png

After coming across this Elizabeth Bishop poem, Insomnia, I became very interested in imitating the clever contrasts and literary devices of poetry within music. Similar to the prose of literary writings, my aim was to explore vast juxtaposition; material that vastly differs from one another placed side by side in unique scenarios. The opening rhythmic attacks merely hint at the climactic ending before quickly moving to the bulk of the material for the first half of the piece. Large swarms and gestures of composite sounds unite the ensemble, but later transition to the distant shimmers of light among the winds. The piece eventually comes full circle to familiar territory and ends with a rhythmic dance-like climax.

“into that world inverted

where left is always right,

where the shadows are really the body,

where we stay awake all night,

where the heavens are shallow as the sea

is now deep, and you love me.­”