Infernus Sequebatur Eum...

My goal for this piece was to create a colorful and rich sound world with a unique soundscape, saturated in harmony and timbre. The text I chose comes directly from the Book of Revelations and pushes the piece forward with its narrative. This piece is not a statement on religious beliefs, nor meant as a representation of my own beliefs, however, a story I wanted to tell. This story, filled with imagery, symbolism, characters, etc., provides the perfect backdrop for the music to thrive. Due to the nature of the story, I chose to keep the text in its original Latin form, creating a greater sense of ambiguity and mystery. The unorthodox instrumentation was chosen based on the uniqueness of each of the instruments and how they benefited my musical palette. Though this piece is seven movements long, it is a continuous work where each movement flows directly into the next. You will hear a distinct character change in the music as each movement contains its own personality. This book from the Bible has stirred the most controversy and created countless debates among Theologians as to its meaning. Due to the disputable nature of the text, I felt it was the perfect story to tell through music.

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