Fragments of the Everyday

This is a short collection of very brief, self contained observations, poetry, and random thoughts I began collecting throughout the months of January 2019-March 2019. I will most likely add to this as I become more inspired…. or whenever I get a break from composing.


Shadows are a funny thing. They are only ever real with the presence of light, yet we associate them with dark. They are an illusion, yet don’t really exist at all. With the absence of light, roaring cities become still, streets empty, and people sleep. Darkness certainly has its hold on us.

The Building

Standing by a ledge, I pointed out the beauty of the building against the glare of the sun. She couldn’t see what I saw from where she stood. How unfortunate. Perspective matters.


Always the pressure is on me. Like a low ceiling, it makes me forever stoop, often crawl, sometimes grovel. Ironically, without this constant weight, I’m not sure how I would handle such a boring Tuesday.


They’re recording me I don’t trust them anymore.

Found Writing in Public

“Leave me alone” “Time is out of joint” “Your frozen mass would like to breathe”