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Aurora Winter

Commissioned by Eldred Marshall

Duration: 7.5 minutes


Purchase: $40 PDF Score/Parts

This piece was constructed following a fractal-like process where every aspect of the material all stems from an original 1 bar motive I wrote. This piece is a segmented, kaleidoscopic view of different scenes from the same source. As a result, but not a conscious effort, the piece became a narrative in the sense that the music drifts to new sections and materials, while remaining very much grounded in one unified sound world. After nearly completing the piece, I decided on the title. Aurora refers to the northern lights, the colorful scenery caused by the curious wonders of nature beyond our immediate perception. After hours of listening and internalizing the final product, it very much felt right to describe this piece as a winter storm; delicate and mysterious at first, which eventually erupts into a fierce and violent climax, and ends with a contemplative and vibrant landscape of colors.